Process over people: build great processes, create great people

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The two types

I’m certain as a manager you already know this. Even if you’re the one doing the grinding, you’ve noticed that there are 2 types of people in the workplace.

  1. Those that follow processes very well
  2. Those that don’t

Some people can follow processes no matter how good or bad they are. That’s how they tick. They may need all steps laid out before them to do a specific task.

Others can create those processes and sometimes have difficulty adhering to them. The reasoning for this — creators are always looking for ways to simplify or enhance existing processes. It is a knack they have.

Seldom do you have someone that can do both. So the easier your organization can make generating great processes the more adherence you’ll have.

Return on investment

Generating processes takes time and the people who do a great job creating them are your most valuable employees. Their throughput may not be as much as those who are great at following processes but, that is due to the time spent working and re-working the project. Great creators enable more followers of processes to consistently and effectively complete those processes over and over many times with little to no error. Essentially the ROI on your process creators is made up by having more, lower experienced process followers complete the tasks at a lower rate, in turn, reducing the rate of your creators.

Might sound complicated but it’s not. The point of this message is simple — have excellent systems in place to empower your creators to build great processes. The creators of your business are more than likely your business minded individuals. Also, your most stubborn and outspoken team members. The danger to this is they know how valuable they are.

  1. They are entrepreneurial
  2. They have something lined up for the second they become underappreciated
  3. Will leave the second they aren’t given the tools to thrive in their role

Reward and create excellence

Your process creators are your most valuable asset outside of the actual tools and systems used to build the processes. Make sure you keep them around. They are the oil in the machine that enables younger and less experienced process followers to excel at the job and build the widgets that generate profit. This is where you create great people. People who are efficient at a job because they can follow the process provided to them. You can have 2–3 excellent processes followers for the cost of your creators.

Focus on the process and watch your organization thrive.

So how do you get there? You build systems and use online tools that enable the smooth development and tracking of processes. Tactful Cloud provides thoughts, tips, and courses on how to get started or to help unravel the mess you’ve already created.

Are you a process creator or follower? We would love to hear your thoughts on great process in the comments below.

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