A SOLID FOUNDATIONGuidance for the design and deployment of your cloud environment

We have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed in the cloud without it breaking the bank or causing you months of frustration.

We can assess your current environment

Evaluate your current costs

Build you up from the beginning

Strengthen or evaluate your current security posture

The AWS Well-Architected™ FrameworkUnderstanding the Pillars

1stOperational Excellence

Continuously modify, improve, and gain insight into operations to increase value to your business.


Improve security posture by implementing best practice for protection of data and systems.


Benefit from the ability to modify and deploy consistent solutions with no resource or cost constraints.

4thPerformance Efficiency

Leverage advanced technology to meet new resource demands promptly and effectively without upfront commitment.

5thCost Optimization

Deploy solutions that take advantage of the lowest possible prices with the ability to scale at any time.

Interested in a review?Let the experts help you reach your goals

We can set aside a few hours to discuss your environment and next steps.
completes the work resulting from a Well-Architected™ Review?

Tactful Cloud will take the results from discovery and review to evaluate the next steps. If you desire remediation of issues found during the review, we will work with you to determine which items require immediate attention.

For issues regarding the security and implementation of your environment infrastructure, Tactful Cloud will take the lead. If there are issues with the implementation of your application or other workloads, we may be able to provide recommendations or work with you to find support for your custom solution running within the AWS Cloud.

happens during the review process?

During the review process, an architect will examine your current infrastructure and workloads against AWS best practices for security and implementation recommendations.

No effort is taken to fix any outstanding issues or suggest enhancements at this time. Only an assessment is made to analyze any shortcomings and look for areas of improvement. Work will be conducted after you have agreed to any modifications.

does the resulting work get completed?

Once a review is completed, Tactful Cloud will work with you to determine the next steps for remediation of findings. We will determine based on your organizations needs, a strategy to correct any outstanding issues that would provide benefit to your cloud implementation.

Tactful Cloud will work with you when deciding what items are critical and need to be addressed immediately. Other items in the report, that may be beneficial to be completed in the future, can be discussed or evaluated as you desire.

can I see the work that needs to be completed?

There are a couple places that pending work can be viewed with regards to a completed architecture review.

If the AWS Well-Architected Tool from within your account is leveraged for a review, the Well-Architected Tool Dashboard from within the AWS Console can be reviewed by you at any time.

Tactful Cloud will provide any generated documentation or infrastructure inventories as well if conducted in addition or substitution of the AWS Well-Architected Tool.

does Tactful Cloud need to access my AWS Account(s)?

In order for Tactful Cloud to properly access your AWS Account(s), we will need to have a minimum of Read-Only access to your environments. This will allow our team to securely review your services and infrastructure.

We will request the individual AWS Account IDs for each account under review and have someone on your team deploy a role that enables us to review your account(s) while logging everything we do for auditablity and security review.

The process by which Tactful Cloud accesses your account(s) is/are documented here: and we can provide additional details as needed once we get closer to requiring access for review.

do I request a Well-Architected™ Review?

If you are interested in Tactful Cloud reviewing your current architecture or you are looking to deploy a new workload in a fresh environment, we would be excited to assist you.

Our reviews and strategic guidance can be scheduled by sending us a note from our Contact page.

Just let us know that you are looking for an architectural review and we will work with you to schedule a short conversation as soon as possible.