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Assistance with deployment automation

Rapidly deploy cloud environments securely and effectively using baselined templates and repeatable processes.

Compute & Processing

Use the cloud for long or short term secure computing requirements. Prevent purchasing expensive equipment for short term processing.

Architectural design review

Plan and organize your existing environments to fall in line with industry best-practice.

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Lift & Shift

Move & migrate existing workloads from end of life hardware into the cloud from on-premises or other managed data center solutions.

New project (Greenfield)

Design a solution from the ground up using secured & well-architected frameworks that match industry best-practice.

Security Review

Review if your current solution meets industry best-practice and security standards.

Storage & Backup

Securely replicate or move data to the cloud for safe keeping and data recovery. Meet and maintain your documented RPT/RTO for disaster recovery.

Logging & Alerting

Monitor your environment for critical events that could alert of an outage or a pending problem before it happens.

PRICINGPick a support model that fits your needs

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Work with us on an as-needed basis
  • Templated Solutions
  • Support Documentation
  • Task Monitoring
  • Premium Emergency Rates
  • 72 Hour Response
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Leverage us for recurring work or maintenance
  • Custom Solutions
  • Dedicated Availability
  • Task Management
  • Reduced Emergency Rates
  • 24 Hour Response
per month
Assign us new tasking like we're one of your own
  • Private Solutions
  • Direct Communications
  • Direct Assignment
  • Emergency Availability
  • Same Day Response
per contract

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